Haskell and Monads

13 June 2012 22:02

I am currently in need of a bit of brain training and I found this article on Haskell and Monads

All the other exercises I am fine with - except one...

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ChimePlay is released

05 January 2012 22:05

Finally I have got ChimePlay coded and done. It is a really cool Fullscreen Song and Bible Display application.
I'll put more of "The Making of..." here soon.

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PHP error reporting

12 February 2009 08:19

Just incase I forget how to turn on PHP error reporting for a specific PHP script file
Here's how...

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Apache Derby - getting started hints

21 August 2008 08:30


About 4 months ago, I had a quick look at the Apache Derby Java database offering. I got things working pretty well by following the tutorial and reference material accessing the databas...

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Source Code Release - ooDesignTool

20 October 2007 17:31

The Chime Object Oriented design tool was released in June this year as an executable jar file

I now have finally resolved licence issues and have now released the source code. For those who cannot wait and must download the source code now it ...

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Software Release - ooDesignTool

22 June 2007 18:06

The long awaited release of the Chime Object Oriented design tool has arrived.

You can find out all about it here it is currently available as a compiled Jar file and the source code will be released shortly.


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Inkscape and Linux fonts

27 April 2007 21:52

Finally I have managed to build the Inkscape program. The problem was that I had to rebuild my development machine and lost all the previous installation of Inkscape.

There were lots of dependencies that ...

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New downloads section revisited

24 March 2007 17:27

I realise now that my last article dated 14th May 2006 was way over due.
So there are the details
All the current code can be found in the source code download page [here...]

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New downloads section

14 May 2006 10:18

Over the years I have produced code that is quite useful. I have decided to release the source code under an Open Source licence.
The source code is
  • Generic code classes, string classes collections used in the rest of the sou...

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Comments system

06 September 2005 21:00

Quick update

I have now finished the first development phase of the new commenting system. This is another module written for the Chime Content Management System (Chime CMS).

One of the main conundrums that I had to work out was wh...

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Live 8

02 July 2005 14:41

Live 8 in Hyde Park London England is currently in progress. U2 were absolutely stunning, the sound they produce is just so fresh. The Edge's guitar was on top form.

Where were you when... Live 8 was on?

Janet and Gabriel are out in ...

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Hall of Fame Statues

18 June 2005 16:17

My Wife and I were talking about our recent holiday to Hereford and one thing that we particularly remembered was Monnington Court's bronze busts of interesting people around their kitchen garden.

The display includes

  • The Dutches...

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Welcome to the ignesco web site

16 June 2005 21:43

Thankyou for visting our web site. It is a simple site, written by hand. It contains interesting information that we want to share with everyone.

Use the menu to navigate round the site.

If you find that something does not work as ex...

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