Live 8 in Hyde Park London England is currently in progress. U2 were absolutely stunning, the sound they produce is just so fresh. The Edge's guitar was on top form.

Where were you when... Live 8 was on?

Janet and Gabriel are out in the back garden reading and playing respectively.

I am inside listening to the coverage of Live 8 by BBC Radio 2, when I hear something I fancy watching I run downstairs. I am at my computer waiting for backup utilities to do their work.

Artists that I am particularly interested in seeing today are:

  • Joss Stone
  • Keane
  • The Killers
  • Madonna
  • Robbie Williams
  • Scissor Sisters
  • Snow Patrol

I'll be updating this at various times during the day.

Keane update

Very polished performance, they seem to really know their songs and how they want to interpret them on stage.

Madonna update

The Gospel singers were wonderful. Ray of light was storming (shame about the F'Word) The set was a great show. Breakdancers were stunning. A totally exhausting performance.

Snow Patrol update

Snow Patrol need to improve their live singing. With such a good studio album, this band will go far. It looked like they enjoyed it, which was nice.

The Killers update

That was a bit short - what about Mr. Brightside?

Joss Stone update

An angel with a Perfect Voice. Such effortless talent is so rare. She reported that she couldn't hear everything that she was singing too! Such sunshine in her voice at 8:13pm (BST)

Scissor Sisters

Heavy N.Y. Rock Disco - They always make me think if Will & Grace. Their new material was great.

Robbie Williams update

We Will Rock You, probably the only person who could pull off a Freddie Mercury number these days. What an entertainer! The floodlit crowds looked really good. Excellent backing band. Lasting moment was all the people in Hyde Park singing his chorus to Feel.