Quick update

I have now finished the first development phase of the new commenting system. This is another module written for the Chime Content Management System (Chime CMS).

One of the main conundrums that I had to work out was what to do with xhtml entities in comments? I finally decided to expand all xhtml entities for the time being as this gives the system usefulness while protecting against invalid xhtml that may break the rest of the article.

The next steps are to tidy up the CSS and to fix the minor bugs with the infrastructure:

  • Fix cross-browser compatability - the article / comment separator does not behave on the I.E.6 browser
  • Currently duplicate tags to CSS files are added by Chime CMS because common style sheet files are specified by different modules. These should be detected and only the first occurence of a CSS file should be linked into the xhtml.
  • A minor display problem with an article's preview line, I just need to figure out the correct punctuation to use here


I have a few ideas in the pipeline of the Chime CMS. Category support for articles is one. Also a time based categorization would be really good. The front article preview page could then just display the last x number of articles and a lengthier full article list could be browsed on a month by month basis if the user wanted to. This would speed up the front page's load time too.

I am going to allow a module to specify an array of CSS files to link to. This would be useful when there is common CSS that could be reused. Things like form styles or link styles would come into this category.

Update 1

I have cleaned up the infrastructure bugs I mentioned. Chime CMS checks for CSS links that have already been included, The preview line bug has been fixed.