The Chime object oriented design tool



This application is a basic Object oriented design tool that will enable easy OO modeling using the Unified Modeling Language.

Main Features

The main features of the application are...
  • Swing GUI
  • Point and click class editing
  • Multiple model pages
  • Models are saved as textfiles
  • User preferences persisted
  • Download

    Source code for the ooDesignTool is available at the sourcecode download section
    The ooDesignTool is available as a single ready to run executable jar file.
    I have tested it with the 1.6u1 Java runtime environment. (There is a bug with the JRE 1.4.2 which does not allow loading of binary data from a .jar file. As this functionality is needed for the icons please run it with 1.6u1)
    The Binary can be download here ooDesignTool.jar (Right-click and save link as...)
    An example model file to load up can be found here (Right-click and save link as...)

    Quick start (Display a model in 4 steps)

    1. Download the .jar file and example mdl file
    2. From a command line, navigate to the folder containing the .jar file
    3. Execute the command, "java -jar ooDesignTool.jar"
    4. After the GUI has started, select file->Open Model... and open the downloaded model file


    Below are some screenshots to give you an idea of what the application looks like when running.
    A screenshot showing multiple model design windows open.
    A screenshot showing a single more complex model window.
    A screenshot showing the class editing dialog.


    I will be producing some more in depth guides to working with ooDesignTool in the near future

    Source code

    I will be releasing the source code for this application under an Open Source Licence also in the near future