Site History


20th of October 2007

Released various sourcecode packages for Java and C++. You can find out more and download them [here...]

22nd of June 2007

Released binary jar file for my Object Oriented design tool. You can find out more and download it [here...]

24th of March 2007

Added source code page and internal changes to the article comments sub-system.
Added my Bookmarks online [Bookmarks...]

4th of September 2005

Introduction of article comments to the the article sub-system. [Articles...]

15th of July 2005

Introduction of the new article content management system. [Articles...]

13th of March 2005

Phase II conversion to css.
More architecture changes, content management core.

12th of January 2005

Phase I conversion to css.
Major architecture changes, login and other modules.

12th of November 2004

More pictures of Gabriel. Plus some minor text tweaks
Church Web Site phase one finished [Links...]

25th of May 2004

More pictures of Gabriel after a long break for Church Web Site.

29th of January 2004

Added a new curry recipe.

30th of December 2003

Added Object oriented design tool screenshots, and extra description. Look in the C++ and Java section for details.

2nd of November 2003

More pictures of Gabriel - Long overdue.

20th of October 2003

New look and feel.

3rd of July 2003

Added some information about the applications and tools that I am developing in C++ & Java
More pictures of Gabriel.

16th of April 2003

More pictures of Gabriel.
Added Site Comments feature (see the menu for details).

14th of March 2003

Uploaded enhanced site pages. Still basic but I hope you like them.

9th of February 2003

Bought the domain name and web site hosting.
Uploaded basic site pages.